Cracking the coding interview ebook
Study helps, but nothing can prepare you like the real thing. 
Google, Microsoft or Amazon have conducted more than a hundred interviews. For your nail interview,
Sit down with a trained interviewer  cracking the coding interview ebook and get feedback.

One hour interview with real interviewers

Our interviewers will give you a real interview, just like you would at Google or Microsoft.
Amazon. We will test it on the same types of questions as them. We will rate you the same
like them. How can we do this? We have conducted more than 100 interviews for each of these companies.
We have projected a curriculum. We are part of their hiring committees. We know what they are
We also bring you ...
».Mp3 of her interview was recorded.
»Comments on where you shined and where you fought.
»Specific suggestions for improvement.
»Instructions on how to tackle difficult problems
»Lessons interviewers look for in your code.
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Gayle Laakmann interview
a great experience is coming
riots on all sides of the desk.
You have completed En¬ Software
engineering interviews with - and
received offers from - Microsoft,
Google, Amazon, Apple, IBM,
Goldman Sachs, Capital IQ and a
number of other companies.
Of these top companies, she is
has worked for Microsoft, Apple and
Google, where it won deeply
an overview of the hiring practices of each company.
Gayle recently spent three years at Google as a software engineer
and he was one of the main interviewers of the company. She interviewed her
120 candidates in the United States and abroad, and led much of the recruiting
as an alma mater, University of Pennsylvania.
She was also part of the Google Hiring Committee, where she rehabilitated
they analyzed each candidate's comments and made hiring decisions.
Evaluated more than 700 candidates for that position and evaluated hundreds
more curriculum vitae.

ence for candidates around the world. It was originally launched as a free forum for
interview questions, CareerCup now offers a book, a video and a lie

Gayle has a Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science from
University of Pennsylvania.
But while interviewing for tech jobs is scary (with whiteboard challenges, remote coding challenges, and sometimes even full days of on-site interviews), it becomes easier when you know what to expect with and well prepared for you. .

That's why I wanted to create an epic and comprehensive guide to technical interviews and coded interview prep for tech beginners.
In this guide, you will learn how to do a technical interview, even if it is your first!

We'll start by covering what a technical interview is. Then we'll include everything you would expect during a technical interview at each stage of the process, as well as what you can do to stand out. And we'll go back to the tips for preparing for a technical interview 

(plus what not to do). Inside, you'll find tips and advice from technical interview experts who went through the process themselves AND conducted technical interviews from the other end of the table. Your personal knowledge will teach you how to prepare for a technical interview that includes real-life situations.
Note: Now, many tech companies have temporarily closed their offices and moved staff to remote jobs.  you've been invited for a high-tech virtual interview, this post will take you through the remote interview process and provide you with some virtual interview tips for success.